Tiffany Lloyd Joins AFF Team

After a successful year with Public Good Projects, Tiffany Lloyd will continue working on women’s health and youth empowerment initiatives as an Allyn Family Foundation employee. A Syracuse native, Tiffany brings a wealth of experience in community outreach and engagement to the Foundation. She served in the US military reserves for ten years. She attended courses at Morgan State University, and graduated from Columbia College in North Syracuse with a degree in psychology. Tiffany transitioned into the youth development field through an opening at Southwest Community Center where, as a teen, she participated in various after-school and summer programs. “I went through some of the Southwest programs and they were very, very impactful,” reflects Tiffany.

While she enjoyed managing youth development projects at Southwest Community Center, Tiffany’s passion for women’s empowerment continued to tug at her mind. “I believe that women are a really important cog in the wheel of change,” explains Tiffany. “When we uplift and empower women, we change the lives of men, children and families.” She’s also well-versed in the biology of women’s reproductive health through her family planning background. Tiffany applied for a health educator role with one of Southwest Community Center’s programs, and ended up staying in the family planning field for over ten years. Her work encompassed everything from classroom presentations on sexual health and relationships to on-the-ground collaborations with other organizations. She also led the expansion of FPS’s health education department. These professional experiences shaped her approach to family planning interventions: “It doesn’t matter what the intentions are if the work doesn’t make someone or something better,” says Tiffany.

Tiffany’s background and adamant commitment to youth collaboration made her a natural fit for the Project Manager position at the Public Good Project. Contracting with Public Good Project under the auspices of the Allyn Family Foundation, Tiffany worked directly with young women in Syracuse to develop digital media materials on family planning. The goal was to develop community-specific messaging on birth control, while also addressing young women’s actual concerns about sexual health.

Tiffany met regularly with a Teen Advisory Committee, listening to their perspectives on family planning issues and needs in Syracuse. She also collaborated with social media “influencers” to reach greater numbers of young women online. With their feedback in hand, she worked with the Public Goods Project team to design a website and chatbot, called Layla, specifically designed for young women in Syracuse. She also filmed a series of social media-ready videos with her teen Influencers to promote the website and chatbot.

Tiffany enjoys connecting organizations, resources, and people. She is excited about her new role and hopes to continue enhancing community partnerships and relationships at the Allyn Family Foundation.

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