Blueprint 15 Seeks Chief Executive Officer

Blueprint 15, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer and President

Blueprint 15, a newly formed not for profit organization, seeks a high level executive to provide leadership in the implementation of the holistic revitalization of the East Adams neighborhood in Syracuse, New York.


The 15th ward in the City of Syracuse was once a vibrant, middle class neighborhood. The construction of a major interstate, I81, destroyed this predominately African American community. Included in this neighborhood is Pioneer Homes one of the first public housing projects in New York State and the Nation. Since the construction of the Interstate, similar social and economic policy decisions have limited this neighborhood’s potential growth to equal its former neighborhood strength and community influence. Despite the current challenges it has been the home to generations of families that have produced banking, medical, legal, sports and business professionals to name a few. Recently that sense of community history has been challenged with oppressive poverty and crime rates. The looming decision of the New York State Department of Transportation to replace the current 81 viaduct presents a transformational opportunity for the community in its shadow.

Blueprint 15, a newly formed not for profit organization, in partnership with the City of Syracuse, the Syracuse Housing Authority (SHA) and the Syracuse City School District, has a bold vision for the holistic revitalization of the neighborhood. Together, the partners are working to create an environment where individuals and families (especially children) thrive and have genuine hope for successful futures and expectations that they will make important contributions to the world around them.

The SHA controls the majority of the property in the plan area, approximately 118 square acres on 27 square blocks, and other non-profit and educational institutions control much of the balance. The current property has 1,060 units of public housing (including Pioneer Homes, McKinney Manor and Central Village), 11 single family homes of LIHTC housing, and scattered privately owned single family homes or rental units. The Blueprint 15 geography is immediately adjacent to Interstate 81, which is subject to an impending decision by the Governor of the State of New York on its demolition and replacement. The neighborhood is the crossroads of the exciting business and residential developments in the downtown area and large institutions in the University Hill area such as Syracuse University, Upstate Medical University, and various hospitals. This project is an exciting opportunity to link Syracuse’s many assets in a dynamic, mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhood.

The vision for the neighborhood includes 1,110-1,400 new mixed-income apartments that will be part of a broader mixed-income neighborhood that holistically addresses the needs of the residents across a spectrum of incomes by creating a highly amenitized neighborhood that includes excellent neighborhood schools, education and economic development opportunities for all ages, health and wellness programs, transportation access, recreational opportunities and commercial investment.

Blueprint 15 will help lead the holistic revitalization efforts for the East Adams neighborhood by engaging community residents and stakeholders in developing a “big vision”, supporting and strengthening collaborative partnerships, securing funding, and coordinating implementation efforts and initiatives. The Board of Directors of Blueprint 15 includes business, government, education, health, and philanthropic leaders as well as community residents. Blueprint 15 will spearhead the development of the cradle to career education pipeline; coordinate neighborhood input and plan of the health and wellness facilities to serve the revitalized community; and work to encourage and support inclusive economic development.

The redevelopment vision for the East Adams neighborhood is inspired by other holistic revitalization efforts championed by Purpose Built Communities whose Network Members are leading 22 such revitalization projects around the country. Purpose Built Communities provides technical assistance and coaching to communities to help catalyze and accelerate holistic community revitalization initiatives that typically include radically improved cradle-to-college educational opportunities, mixed income housing, youth and adult development programs, jobs and job training, health and wellness programs, and commercial investment. Atlanta’s East Lake community is a prime example of the success of this holistic, place-based strategy in turning around struggling neighborhoods and improving self-sufficiency outcomes.

Scope of Position

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blueprint 15 is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction of Blueprint 15 and all operational, legal, financial, managerial and programmatic aspects of the organization. The CEO reports directly to the Board of Directors. The CEO manages critically important partnership relationships with the Syracuse Housing Authority, the Syracuse City School District, and other organizations that provide programs and support for the East Adams neighborhood.


  • Implements the strategic plan adopted by the Board of Directors and reports regularly to the Board on the status of the implementation

  • Coordinates established policies and procedures, as approved by the Board of Directors, to insure the effectiveness of day-to-day functions of the organization

  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with citizens of the neighborhood, business and academic leaders in the community, local and state elected officials, local government staff, and planning/development consultants

  • Serves as a partner and liaison with community groups and agencies, ensuring that activities of Blueprint 15 are coordinated with appropriate groups which impact the community

  • Works closely with key community partners and stakeholders, including the Syracuse Housing Authority and its development partner, the City of Syracuse, and the Syracuse City School District, as part of the revitalization plan

  • Works closely with Purpose Built Communities to assure that the revitalization is on track to meet the goals established in the Network Member Agreement between Blueprint 15 and Purpose Built Communities

  • Assists the Board in establishing, developing and achieving fund raising strategies and programs

  • Identifies and secures operational and capital resources to carry out the Blueprint 15 mission

  • Assists the Board in strategic financial planning and development of the budget. Plans for personnel resources to meet the needs of Blueprint 15

  • Provides complete, accurate and timely financial reports to the Board and funding sources

  • Supervises personnel, providing performance appraisals and other developmental activities

  • Develops, prepares and submits reports to the Board of Directors on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of program effectiveness and outcomes

  • Participates in the network of other leaders in the Purpose Built Communities network

  • Assists in the development of marketing plans to effectively communicate the goals and objectives of Blueprint 15

  • Assists in the preparation of grant applications and proposals to foundations, governmental agencies and other funding sources

  • As requested, acts as spokesperson for Blueprint 15 with the press and other news media

  • Represents Blueprint 15 at various community functions


  • Bachelors degree; masters in business administration, non-profit administration, public policy or law degree preferred

  • At least ten years of progressively responsible positions in housing and/or community development, business or public administration

  • Proven track record in the management of complex organizations and relationships

  • Strong financial and business background; ability to read, understand and manage complex financial statements and budgets

  • Must present strong interpersonal and presentation skills

  • Excellent communication skills, including written skills

  • Must be able to build a team within the organization and with the other partners and constituents in the community

  • Must be able to lead and motivate employees, partners and other constituents

  • Must be creative and demonstrate ability to own his or her projects and responsibilities

  • Must possess demonstrated ability to cultivate relationships with multiple internal and external constituencies

  • Must have a proven ability to work inclusively and effectively with diverse populations

  • Ability to work effectively with individuals and organizations in the public, private and independent sectors

  • Must be flexible and adaptable

  • Must have solid work ethic and energy, enthusiasm and optimism

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as part of a team

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and tasks at any one time

  • Solution-oriented approach to challenges

This high level executive position is full time with benefits. Salary will be commensurate with experience. For questions or clarifications, please email Meg O’Connell at or Sharon Owens at

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and 3 references to Amy Nye at Applicants should submit all materials by March 15, 2019. All applicants can be assured that the application/review process will be confidential.

Blueprint 15, Inc. Board of Directors:

  • Meg O’Connell, Co-Chair, Executive Director, Allyn Family Foundation

  • Sharon Owens, Co-Chair, Deputy Mayor, City of Syracuse

  • Jaime Alicea, Superintendent, Syracuse City School District

  • Michael Collins, Executive Director, NSCC, SHA Commissioner

  • Bob Corona, MD, President & CEO, SUNY Upstate Medical Hospital

  • Calvin Corriders, Regional President, PathFinder Bank

  • Bea Gonzalez, Vice President, Syracuse University Community Engagement

  • Mark Hall, Interim President & CEO, Syracuse Community Health Center

  • Helen Hudson, President, Syracuse Common Council

  • Melanie Littlejohn, Regional Executive, National Grid

  • Robert Mike, Resident Advisor, Syracuse Housing Authority

  • Stephanie Pasquale, Commissioner, Neighborhood & Business Dev., City of Syracuse

  • Tim Penix, Vice President, SUNY Educational Opportunity Center

  • Ann Rooney, Deputy County Executive, Onondaga County

  • Bill Simmons, Executive Director, Syracuse Housing Authority

  • Rob Simpson, President & CEO, CenterState CEO

  • Wayne Sistrunk, representing Tucker Baptist Church

  • Supreena Smalls, Resident Advisor, Syracuse Housing Authority

  • Gladys Smith, Commissioner, Syracuse Housing Authority

  • Randy White, Outreach Specialist, Syracuse Cure Violence (SNUG)

Purpose Built Communities

  • Carol Naughton, President

  • Damon Bailey, Community Development Advisor

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