On Line Application FAQ

Thank you for applying to the Allyn Family Foundation! We have done our best to ensure this online application system is as simple and easy to navigate as possible. However, if you are experiencing any issues please check to see if this sheet answers any questions.


To Start a New Online Application:


  • Click the link for “New Application”

  • Create a user ID and password. You will need to use this same email and password to log in to your account later when accessing your grant history or applications in progress.

  • Add mail@grantapplication.com to your email’s safe senders list to ensure you receive all system notifications.


Accessing Your Online Account:


Log in to your account by clicking the link for “Returning Applicants” or using the following link: https://www.GrantRequest.com/SID_5873?SA=SNA&FID=35002


  • Select “in progress” to continue working on application drafts that have not yet been submitted.

  • Select “submitted” to view already submitted proposals (you will not be able to edit these).


Online Application Form:


After creating your account, you will automatically be taken to our “eligibility quiz.” This determines whether your organization and project are within our funding guidelines. After completing the quiz, the application will open.


  • Always click “save” after working on the applications so you do not lose your information.

  • You do not have to complete the application in one sitting; feel free to “save and finish later.” You will be sent a confirmation email that your draft has been saved and can sign back into your account at a later time to finish and submit.

  • Your application will not be seen by the Allyn Family Foundation until you have submitted it. We cannot access your drafts, so please be sure to click submit when you have completed the application.

  • There is a “print friendly” version of the application available in the top right corner of the page if you would like to view the questions on paper before filling in the answers online.

  • There is an “email draft” option located in the top right corner of the application page if you would like to email a copy of the application to yourself or someone else for review and discussion.




When uploading documents, click the “browse” button and search for the desired document. Then, after selecting your document, click the “Upload” button. Your document will not load if you do not select upload (you’ll see a little progress bar as the document finishes loading).


NOTE: You can only upload documents in PDF, Word, or Excel formats



Submitting Your Application:


After you have completed the application, be sure to click “Submit.” This will take you to a page where you can review your application, make any changes, and see if any required answers are missing.


  • After submission, you will be sent a confirmation email with your application’s tracking number. If you do not receive this email, please search in your promotions or junk folders. Adding mail@grantapplication.com to your safe senders list will ensure you receive our communications.

  • If you are still unable to find your confirmation email, log out and then log back in to your online grant application account. If your draft is still “in progress,” then you will need to re-submit.


Browser Compatibility:


The following browsers are compatible with our online application system (latest versions preferred)


  • Internet Explorer

  • Edge for Windows

  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows or Mac

  • Chrome for Windows or Mac

  • Safari for Mac


Note: there are occasionally issues with pop-up blockers; please be sure to enable pop-ups for this application (the website is www.grantrequest.com). Additionally, there have been reported issues with some versions of Firefox; if you are having problems with one form of internet browser, switching to another (Internet Explorer tends to work best) may resolve the issue.