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Salt City Market selects 8 food merchants to have stalls in the market.

The Allyn Family Foundation, through a newly created not for profit corporation called Syracuse Urban Partnership, purchased the vacant lot at 484 S. Salina Street (on the corner of Salina and West Onondaga Streets) in 2018 with the plan to build a multi-floor building that will include a public market/food hall, mixed-income housing and office space for the Allyn Family Foundation and other community partners.

After a year and a half of work, the building is now under construction and is slated to open in November of 2020. While construction is underway, the Syracuse Urban Partnership (SYRUP) has simultaneuously been working with entrepreneurs to develop their concepts for the food hall.  SYRUP interviewed over 40 interested food merchants, and selected 20 to work with over the course of the last year.  

On February 3rd, the final 8 food merchants were selected to have stalls in the market when it opens later this year.  The food merchants are: 

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The selected food merchants were all asked to come to the Allyn Family Foundation offices not knowing if they had been selected or not.  Below is a video capturing the moment they discovered they were selected:


To learn more about the whole process and what the Salt City Market will entail, please visit the website at: