The Allyn Foundation was founded in 1954 with a donation of $5,000 from W.G. Allyn and $5,000 from his father William Noah Allyn, as well as a $7,000 gift from Welch Allyn.  Over its 60-year history the Allyn Foundation has grown exponentially.  In 2006, William G. Allyn died and true to his kind hearted and caring nature, he bequeathed much of his estate to the Foundation. From 2006-2015, the Foundation's assets of $30m provided many opportunities for community impact through the Foundation's grant making and initiatives. 

In 2015, the Allyn Foundation underwent another seismic event.  With the sale of the family owned business, Welch Allyn, some family members decided to contribute significant funds to increase the impact of the Allyn Foundation.  Donations to the Allyn Foundation by Bill and Penny Allyn, Lew and Dawn Allyn; their children Eric, David and Mark Allyn, Tasha Allyn, Tanya Dillon and Josh Allyn: and their grandchildren Meaghan, Kaleen and Julia Allyn, Hanna Dillon, Sonya and Luke Falcone have increased the Foundation's assets to $85m for 2017 and will continue to increase to $100m in the next few years. With the increase in the Foundation’s assets, the Foundation changed its name from the Allyn Foundation to the Allyn Family Foundation. 

Elsa Allyn Soderberg and her family have established the Elsa Allyn Soderberg Family Fund at the Central New York Community Foundation.

As a Philanthropic Leader...

The Allyn Family Foundation has adopted the following definition of Philanthropy as a guide for our work: Philanthropy is an engaging, sustained activity aimed at permanent social change.  Unlike charitable giving, which entails little more than writing a check in support of a worthy cause, strategic philanthropy involves the donor more actively.  It necessitates setting long-term goals, which can be achieved through rational and thoughtful decision-making, along with diligent monitoring and assessment.  This requires not only capital, but vision, expertise and a long-term horizon.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Allyn Family Foundation

is to improve the quality of life

in Central New York. 


Vision Statement

The Allyn Family Foundation is committed

to a collaborative partnership

with organizations and the community

to build a responsible

and vibrant Central New York.

William G. Allyn