BIG NEWS: 2019 groundbreaking on multi-floor building  including a public market/food hall, mixed-income housing and Allyn Family Foundation office space.

484 Salina Street

The Allyn Family Foundation, through a newly created not for profit corporation called Syracuse Urban Partnership, has purchased the vacant lot at 484 S. Salina Street (on the corner of Salina and West Onondaga Streets) and plans to build a multi-floor building that will include a public market/food hall, mixed-income housing and office space for the Allyn Family Foundation and other community partners.


The new building attests to the Allyn Family Foundation’s deep commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals and families in our community. The property at 484 S. Salina Street is the gateway to both the southeast and southwest neighborhood corridors and, as such, a pivotal and critical corner to infuse economic vitality and opportunity. 


The new building’s first floor public market/food hall will build on the momentum of the revitalization of Syracuse’s downtown and provide a venue that offers opportunities for entrepreneurial vendors to start and build their businesses. In partnership with CenterState CEO and the Upstart program, the Foundation has contracted with the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the building concept and preliminary design.


Critical to fostering diversity and inclusion in the downtown area is the availability of true mixed-income housing. In this new building, the plan is to construct approximately 40

apartments that will be both market rate and low/moderate income.  Many other cities have embraced mixed income housing as the new model for urban housing.


Finally, the building will include office space that will be designed to encourage collaboration and partnership among community organizations and initiatives.


 The Syracuse Urban Partnership affirms the Allyn Family Foundation’s mission to support individuals and families by providing access to economic opportunities to create a vibrant city where everyone thrives.   Plans are to begin construction in Spring 2019.


“Our hope is that we can transform a gateway corner in downtown into a thriving and bustling destination that will showcase the often over looked talent we have in our community,” noted Meg O’Connell, Executive Director of the Allyn Family Foundation.